The cost of installation of door grill and kitchen awning is Rm1400

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I am not sure what is the price per feet etc, but the total cost of the installation is RM1400. It is the price for Klang Valley as per Nov 2012. I thought it was around RM800 for both? but apparently almost double.

Here is some pics of the installation:

Azri Main Door Grill's Price

Azri Kitchen Awning

I purchased this apartment from Gamuda Land. It is located at Bandar Botanic, Klang 5 minutes from AEON Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Similar post I’d posted here on how to purchase low cost apartment but the post is on SP Setia.

Since my apartment now is done with grill installation, I can now proceed with house repairing. Thank god it was on insurance. Cabling, missing toilet bowl and everything could cost me thousands. Glad it don’t. Now what I should do is to chase the maintenance men to repair the house quickly! I know these guys can be quite slow if no follow up is done. I hope the house is ready for rental at the end of November.

Ah. If you’re looking for apartment to rent at Klang area, pls don’t be shy to call me :P The apartment location is exactly on this coordinates 2.989148,101.424815 (paste the coordinates at google map). It’s in nice location, close to public facilities, and the rent is definitely negotiabLe :P

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Property investment: Seroja Apartment, Setia Alam

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Last weekend I went to Setia Alam Welcome Center to survey on low cost apartment – Seroja Apartment, which will be located at the heart of Setia Alam, Shah Alam. Here some info I gathered:

- The price is Rm42k

- Interest rate as low as 1.70%

- Strategically located at Setia Alam nearby main facilities like Tesco, Giant, just beside shopping mall (which currently under construction), school, workplace

- The apartment will be developed 3 years from now

- Monthly installment will only start after you received your apartment’s key

- Monthly home loan installment:

15 Years

20 Years

25 Years

RM 297

RM 248

RM 219

- If you interested to purchase it, you have to register first. To date, there currently 2000 persons queuing for the purchase (a lot). Selection will be made based on your application

- Salary below Rm2.5K have better chance to own the apartment

- However, the form is sold out at Setia Alam Welcome Center, but you can get the form by visiting Lembaga Perumahan & Hartanah Selangor office. The price for a form is RM2

If you’re looking to make some money for rental, this would be a good buy for you. The apartment rental price at Setia Alam can go up to RM600 per month. So let say you pay RM248 per month for 20 years for house installment. You would gain RM352 if you rent your apartment at Rm600 per month (RM600-RM248=RM352) That’s very much cover the cost right?

So, are you interested? You can apply now before it’s too late ya. Although there are certain qualifications you have to meet, but it’s still worth a try.

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